Project Management & Professional Staffing Services - Sun Technical

SUN provides opportunities at nuclear, fossil and other power facilities nationwide.

About SUN Technical

Founded in 1981, SUN has developed into a leading provider of technical and professional services to nuclear and fossil energy facilities. We offer vast career opportunities across several markets at over 100 project locations nationwide.

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Markets & Services

SUN primarily serves the nuclear and fossil power generation markets, providing experienced professional and technical support.

Nuclear | Professional and technical staffing support to commercial nuclear power facilities, ranging from project development, construction and plant startup through operations and maintenance.

Fossil | Professional and technical staffing support to fossil generating facilities, including project and subcontractor management services.

Oil & Gas | Professional and technical staffing support to the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, ranging from plant design and engineering to field or plant technicians.

Why Sun?

Our reputation as a customer-focused organization and the unparalleled expertise of our employees continues to be the foundation of our success.

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  • Long-Term Customer & Employee Relationships
  • Staffing Success Rates
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